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"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is         that little extra! 

~Jimmy Johnson










I care for true connection, and do not discriminate anyone. I am fearless when I show my love and passion and truly enjoy discovering yours.


Here are some examples of what some of the gentlemen say about me. 

I noticed Zayla was going to be in Nashville and was smitten by her good looks and mischievous smile. She is of Mediterranean ancestry and speaks good English with just a hint of a very sexy accent... I was greeted at the door by a sexy late 30's provider that is very confident of her sexuality. (Read More)


She is open-minded, very thorough and polite, which I appreciated. She is very classy. We arranged a time to meet, and when she greeted me at her incall I immediately saw that she looks exactly like her photos. She is stunning, a rare beauty, both elegant and sexy. She will easily make you forget anyone else you have ever seen. (Read More)


The quality of reviews she has, not just the great ratings, say a lot. I gathered from the reviews that Zayla really makes an effort to provide an amazing and unforgettable experience, tailored to each individual. Any one can go through the motions and get the job done, but I'm looking for an experience and a connection before all else. And that's what she delivered; and then some. From the communication, to the setting, the attention, the skills, and the follow through, I had an ideal time and am excited about figuring out how to get back to SF. (Read More)


"She carries herself confidently and gracefully, stoking a sensuality that burns very, very

hot from within. Her luscious and firm curves look and feel great, and she has endless energy.

This time, once the door shut behind us, the fireworks began and pure instinct took over. Zayla is serious fun. She's very sweet and full of joy, but can instantly turn into a ravenous succubus."... (Read More)




"I arrive at her door, it opens and there is this stunning, sexy, beautiful woman, and such a sultry, sexy accent. Although nervous I was greeted with a hug and kiss and an aura of a caring, warm person that soon transitioned nerves to excitement."... (Read More)


"She is a very beautiful woman who is smart, intelligent, has a great sense of humor, is very respectful, talented, clean, and very very caring. I think I could write a whole book about the great qualities I saw in her. I was really attracted to her but the most sexy thing I found was the invisible mysterious sexual power that originated while we were on the couch. I consider myself very lucky to have met Zayla".... (Read More)


"A real sexy refined woman who is a master of erotic arts. I'd tell you all to go see her, but my jealousy barely permits it".... (Read More)


"She's quite fantastic... warm, friendly, stunning appearance, super sexy... And that accent! And those eyes! She made my weekend! I think you'll dig her too."... (Read More)


"She is a good conversationalist and has an interesting background -- she also has smoldering eyes and and a sly grin. She was enthusiastic, devilish and an absolute joy.... (Read More)


I will not belabor the points here. Zayla ranks among the top providers I have seen in my life. She combines a beautiful spirituality, beauty, kindness, sensual energy and technique in an amazing amalgam that is completely client centric. You will not regret seeing her.... (Read More)



"Her website states, "Your expectations may be great, but I will undoubtedly exceed them." I must say, she lived up to her word. Among many other wonderful qualities she is creative and edgy, pushing certain limits in a way that is extremely hot.".... (Read More)


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