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The Invisible in 'this' Business

Not everyone knows what I do but some trusted good friends. Recently one of them told me, "Wow, it must be such an easy job. You just put an ad and throw couple of photos and you are all done. Plus you are always having the time of your life."

I also recently read a post on one of the boards asking if there is a certain one strategy to it for the best results, and if you invest in it at all when this work is your main source of income.

So how does it all really work?

As my friend said, just putting up a quick ad somewhere decorated by couple of selfies will do it?

Are you always really having the time of your life?

As the poster asked, is there only one strategy or any strategies to it? Any investment in it?

Yes, you have to invest in your business a lot but the rewards are grander than your investment. Best photographers, best venues to advertise periodically, a well done 'paid' website, good wording are essential but at the same time not enough alone. Being a university graduate or having a certain degree does not really mean you are educated as you have to constantly improve yourself as a person. You will be meeting different people in all ages from different cultures and educational backgrounds with various interests. You need to keep track of recent news, politics, sports and improve your communication skills.

You have to take care of yourself from head to toe , be very clean and try to be in the best physical shape which is healthy for you.

That is also not enough. You have to widen your inner world, learn how to become nonjudgemental to see the good and beauty in every human being because you will see every kind of men in all kinds of physical shapes who need and deserve attention and love. From morbidly obese to people with severe disabilities, from very sharp to not so sharp, from young to very very old (I have couple of clients in their late 70's and one in his early 80s), you have to learn the art of loving and depending on your style and your own limits you have to improve your skills. It is not only in and out, bam bam so you have to improve not only your physical skills but emotional side also.

You have to be able to love that particular person for that particular amount of time. If you fake it it will show as you can not fake love. But then, you have to be able to learn not to let this part of your life affect your personal life and you as a person, so you have to know how to protect yourself emotionally. Another thing, your your home is your office, where you work. It is where you create the fantasies so it always has to be well taken care of and spotlessly clean. It has to reflect the care and love you are giving to these lovely people. The mood has to be right with the right personal touches. It has to show that you paid attention to their wants and needs. Small details like playing their favorite song/artist or their favorite kind of music, cooking or buying their favorite food, getting their favorite drink, keeping personal unused grooming things like, sealed toothbrush, comb, different kinds of men's shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste, mouthwash, fresh oversized towels, clean nice smelling shower etc. You are creating a fantasy, a place where they want to feel special at least one hour and hopefully more, a place where they can escape, a place that does not look like their place, a place they are welcomed to and a person who loves them unconditionally and is honestly very happy to see them. So yes, investing on everything that I mentioned above will get you a greater return both financially but most importantly emotionally. Oh one last thing, if you don't love what you are doing, no matter how much you invest it will show.

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